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Khibini ski resort

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Ski Resorts in Russia - Ski Resorts in Russia


The main attraction of the subarctic area is the Khibini Mountains. It is the most visited region of the Kola Peninsula. The mountains peculiarity is their table-shape: cleves and plain tops. Lovozerskye cold deserts are stretched on the east off the Khibini. There are ground smooth glaciers with round curves, called on account of this ice-dressed rocks. You wont ever see something alike anywhere else!

The Khibina Mountains are practically unknown to the occidental tourists. Situated beyond the polar circle just in the heart of the Kola Peninsula, they rise to the height of 1191 m (Mount Chasnotchorr). Vestige from the glacial age, huge circuses, the valleys looks like they've been scooped with a spoon in the hand of a giant, canyons and granite precipices create here an unforgettable mountain landscape.

This is the highest land mass in the Kola Peninsula the summits of which are dotted 800—900 meters above the surrounding hilly plain. The highest point in the Khibiny (Judychvumchorr Mountain) is 1200 metres above sea level and is also the highest point in the Kola Peninsula. In clear summer weather the Khibiny Mountains can be seen from many miles away, from the Kandalaksha tundra in the south, the frontier heights of Kovdor in the west and even from the hilly banks of the Voronija River in the north. The climate in this part of Russia is peculiar in so far as that thaws are frequent in the winter but in the summer and early autumn frosts are not uncommon, especially in the beginning of June and at the end of August.




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