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Yoga Practices in the Center of World

 Yoga Practices in the Center of World with Reinhard Gammenthaler   Yoga practices have become an inherent part of Altai. Numbers of people come to Altai for practicing yoga.   Altai with its st...

Horse expedition to Ukok

To all tourists who are interested in horseback riding tours!         There is  an opportunity  to visit the brightest natural and cultural sightseeings of Altai!       Horse expedition "Tjun...

Summer in Altai unites the world

   Summer in Altai promises to be international because many expeditions of universal importance will be hold in the Altai Republic.  Trekking tours to Altai attract tourists of different age-group...

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Hiking trips, adventure travel tours and mountain climbing in Russia

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The trekking to the foot of mt.
Belukha - 12 days

Located in southwestern Siberia, the Altai Mountains are one of the most beautiful areas in all of Russia. This mountainous region...


Climbing Mt. Elbrus Europe’s
highest peak - 9 days

Mt. Elbrus, a two-peaked ice giant, crowns the panorama of Central Caucasus. Its two peaks have two volcano craters...


From Lake Baikal to the garnetiferous pass mountain trekking 7 or 12 days
Lake Baikal is geologically the oldest and deepest (1600m) fresh-water lake on Earth. It ranks seventh by area and contains 1/5 of the world's fresh water...


About Karelia
Bounded by Finland and the White Sea, Karelia’s landscape is a patchwork of lakes, marshes and forests. The region is ideal for adventure holidays, especially for kayaking and rafting...


Ascent of volcano Kluchevskaya Sopka 12 days
The territory of the Kamchatka is one of the richest in the world on natural and recreational resources. This land's natural wonders make it a paradise for sports fishing, mountain-skiing tourism, mountaineering...

Ski resorts in Russia

Elbrus region ski resorts in Russia
Ski resorts in Russia
As you would expect from the largest country in the world, Russia has masses of ski resorts. From the middle of November to April the hotels and camps receive alpine skiing enthusiasts, who storm the ski slopes under the supervision of experienced instructors...



altai news
Save snow leopard
The realization of WWF programme aimed at development of ecotourism in the areal of snow leopards has started in Altay. Snow leopards live mainly in the valley of the river Argut. According to the experts of WWF about 20 ounces live in the central part of the river Argut with its affluents Shalva, Yungur, Koir and Iedygem. The biggest grouping of Siberian goats in Altay-Sayan region lives here as well...


elbrus news
New refuge for climbers in Elbrus
Even in summer in the region of Elbrus the weather is really changeable. Strong wind, low temperature, low visibility, aggravated by height sickness can cause accidents. The refuge will help unexperienced climbers to survive in the mountains in such weather conditions. Every year 5-15 people are lost on Elbrus. Saddle of Elbrus, at a height 5300 metres above the sea level, is popular leisure area of the mountaineers...


baikal news
First bathyscaphe submersion into Baikal
In summer 2008 first submersions of deepwater inhabited apparatus “Mir-1” and “Mir-2” were made into the lake Baikal. One of the main goals was to reach the deepest point of the lake (about 1.7 thousand metres) and to precise the lake’s depth. Other goals were to explore the points of underwater thermal springs and air volcano’s emersion, to study the bottom of Bay of Barguzin and joint of Academic range and St. Nose Peninsula, to explore hydrocarbon resources of Baikal in order to find out its supply and background level...


Established in 1989, LenAlpTours specializes in a field of outdoor recreation and adventure tours in Russia: climbing, trekking, rafting, horseback riding, skitours in the most extraordinary corners of Russia which seem unreachable on glance.
LenAlpTours is an author of the project “3 Summits of Russia” which includes three the highest peaks of Russia: Mt.Elbrus (5642 m) at the Caucasus, Mt.Belucha (4506 m) in Altai, Kljuchevskaya (4780 m) in Kamchatka.

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