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Thursday, 19 December 2013 12:15



It is the best excursion tour in Altai: passing on a ring route, it not only unites all most significant ethnographic places of Altai, but also gives the chance to move in all possible ways: by car, a little on foot, a little on water and even a little on horses. Round is recommended for tourists from 10 years.



Index: AL 0111

Country: Russia
Region: Altai (Altay)
Tour type: mountain trekking 
Duration: 9 days
Price: EUR 950 p/person 
Period: July - August(incl)
Category of difficulty: NO
Length of the rout: - km


Day 1 Reception in Barnaul at 7 a.m. Transfer to Denisova cave – a unique archeological monument in the Northern Asia, the place where ancient human lived from the Paleolithic epoch (300 thousand years B.C.) to the Middle Ages. Excursion to the cave takes 1-1,5 hours. It’s necessary to have water and wind proofs in case of rain.

Transfer to b/c Vysotnik, village Tungur. 310 km, 5-6 h. Lunch not far from Ust-Kan in Oybok. Excursion to the cave (optional). Accommodation at the b/c Vysotnik in the Tourist Shelter in rooms for 3-4 persons each. Dinner at a café. Rest in the surroundings. 

Day 2 Excursion to mountain Kyzyl slopes, to a panoramic observation deck on the Katandinsky pass: great panorama of Mt. Belukha! Excursion includes the story about history, culture, domestic life and traditions of the tribes settled in the Uimon valley, village Tiungur, Kucherla, Katanda: Altaians and old believers. The evening of legends and myths. 4-5 km, 3-4 h.
Day 3 Car and foot excursion to the petrogliphs (stone pictures) in the valley of the Kucherla river. By car pass through the village of Kucherla (the last populated area on the way to Belukha, population is about 100 people, all the inhabitants are Altaians) via the valley of milky-green Kucherla river to the tract Elan (broad hay fields with berries). 12 km. Further go 7-8 km to the rock with petrogliphs. Lunch at the bank of the Kucherla. The valley of the Kucherla is very picturesque – it’s very vast and is surrounded by the slopes covered with primeval forests with some snow flowers. The return way is the same – on foot to Elan and then by car to the b/c Vysotnik.

Day 4 Excursion to the museum of the village Upper Uimon which is an ancient village of Old Believers (it’s older then 300 years), it’s situated in the valley of the river Uimon, at the river Katun at the distance of 60 km from b/c Vysotnik. There are several museums in the village: the department of Gorno-Altaisky Regional museum, the museum of Old Believers arranged by a local school teacher from the family of Old Believers, the museum of Nikolay Roerikh which is situated in the house of the Old Believer Atamanov. The Asian expedition of Roerikh stayed in this house. Start is at 10 o’clock from the b/c Vysotnik. It’s necessary to take wind and water proofs. The duration of visiting of every museum depends of the group’s wish. The guide organizes lunch between visiting of the museums. 120 km by car, 3-4 hours – whole excursion.

Day 5 Rafting to staging horse post by the river Antara. Loading horse. Pass by horses along the river Katun till the village of Inegen. Auto transfer gathers tourists. - duration 22 km. Transfer to the  village of Inya, confluence of rivers Chuya and Katun, 12 km, 1 hour. Horseback riding tour goes through the most ancienst road of the Terektinskii Range above the Ak-Kem tube (the biggest  rapids of the Katun river). Accommodation at the hostel in the village of Inya. There are quadruple rooms in the hostel. Outdoors facilities. Supper. Sauna is on request.
Day 6 Confluence of the Katun with its main tributary stream Chuya is considered to be an energy place. You can observe fascinating views and visit petroglyphs of Kalbak-Tash. Kalbak-Tash is petroglyphs of ancient carvings of Turkic tribes. Lunch a the bank of confluence of the Katun and Chuya. Transfer to Chuyskii trackt is the main way which connects Altai and Asia. You go through the Cheketaman Pass and enter to national nature park “Uch-Enmek”, distance is 110 km. Chuiskii trakt is a genius engineering project and it’s very wonderful and picturesque. You make stops to see and take some photos of old way and amazing views. Uch-Enmek  Park. Accommodation in the ail, outdoor facilities. Bagged lunch during the way. Supper in the café. Folk program, throat singing, sauna are on request.
Day 7 Excursion in Uch-Enmek along the valley of the river Karakol, which is full of ancient relics – balbals (stone images), burial mounds, petrogliphs.
Transfer Uch-Enmek – Tchemal. TRF to  Tchemal, Guest house. Accommodation in rooms with facilities outside. Free time, walking in the surroundings, beach at the bank of the Katun. 300 km, 4-5 h.

Day 8 After breakfast – excursion to Tchemalskaya hidroelectro station (GES) and the chapel at the island Patmos which is in the center of the river. It is a very picturesque place with rich history. 5 km auto, 2-3 km walking. TRF to Barnaul, stop at souvenir market on the way. Transport Tchemal - Gorno-Altaisk,  100 km, 1,-2 h. Visititing ethnographical museum and Handicraft centre in Gorno-Altaisk (with Princess Ukok hall). Gorno-Altaisk – Barnaul, HTL Barnaul, DBL. 270 km, 1,-2 h.

Day 9 Trf to a/port. Flight to Moscow.


Len Alp Tours provides the group with group tent, awning, first-aid kit, cooking pots, fire outfit.

You should have the following items in private use: clothes and shoes for trekking, rucksack for 60 liters, sun-glasses, UVF-cream, individual tin-ware.

The itinerary doesn’t require special skills. Day temperature is from +10 to +30, at night 0+10. Children 10-18 years are admitted to the tour only with parents. The order of excursions and active treks may be changed. 

The participants are provided by the general set of common equipment.

Len Alp Tours provides the participants with 3 meals a day. In the base camps meals are at a cafe. On the trek the food is cooked on the open fire by a guide or cook. Len Alp Tours also provides vegetarian meals.

PRICE EUR  950 - p/person for the group from 5 p
PRICE EUR  900 - p/person for the children before 12 years

  • Accommodation in 3-4-places rooms at b/c Vysotnik, in Inja, 2-pl rooms in Tchemal (facilities outside).
  • FB (except meals in Barnaul and on the way Barnaul - Tiungur - Barnaul).
  • English Speaking guide; common equipment; all excursions with enter tickets as in the program; transport Barnaul – Tiungur – Barnaul.
  • Permits and the registration, visa support.
  • Big sauna at b/c Vysotnik: 1h - EUR 40 p/group 1-10 pers.;
  • Small sauna at b/c Vysotnik: 1h - EUR 30 p/group 1-5 pers.; 
  • Sauna in Uch-Enmek: 1h – EUR 15 p/group 1-4 pers.;
  • Folk program in Uch-Enmek – from EUR 85 p/group;
  • HTL in Barnaul (from EUR 35);
  • Transfer HTL–a/p in Barnaul - EUR 13 p/car.


Important peculiarities of the itineraries 
Useful information

For more information and reservation, please contact:
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