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Elbrus adventure tours

  • Elbrus climbing tours   ( 5 Articles )

    Climb Elbrus

    Elbrus the highest mountain in Europe

    Part of the Baskan Valley, which stretches from the Caucasus Mountains to the glaciers and slopes of Elbrus, the Region of Elbrus is a majestic land. The rich and variegated landscape of the region consists of unique hill formations, high snowy peaks, coniferous and deciduous forests with abundant wildlife, imposing dormant volcanoes, medicinal springs and limpid rivers.
    Mt. Elbrus, a two-peaked ice giant, crowns the panorama of Central Caucasus. Its two peaks have two volcano craters, which make the eastern peak a little lower than the western(5642 and 5621m).The eastern peak has an enormous crater 250m in diameter. The massif is covered by a gigantic ice-cap, which gives the mountain its name, translated from the Persian language to English as “Snow Mountain”.

    Now officially recognised as the highest mountain in Europe, Elbrus is the subject of admiration among local inhabitants as well as an exciting destination for tourists, mountaineers, and downhill skiers. The local name of this peak is Mengi Tau, literally translated as The Mountain of Thousand Mountains.


  • Skitour Elbrus   ( 1 Articles )

    Skitour and climbing Elbrus

    Skitours and climbing Elbrus

    The snowy slopes of Elbrus have just about everything to offer in the area of exciting ski-descents and our programme offers a variety of itineraries. Average grade of steepness is about 15-20 degrees and the glaciers are covered with snow. The final part of this trip is the ascent of Mt. Elbrus and descent from the summit on skis. In this case the length of the descent is about 25 km and altitude change is 2500m

    Essential Equipment:

    Skitour set, down jacket, winds resisting coat, warm trousers, warm gloves, caps. Crampons, ice-axe, harness with carabiners. Sun-protection glasses and means of sun-protection for the face. Sleeping bag.


  • Trekking tours Elbrus region   ( 1 Articles )

     Trekking tours Elbrus region

    trekking region ElbrusDuring this trek participants will overcome five passes of the main Caucasus Range and its spurs. Each person will carry about 12 kg, which includes the weight of equipment and food. The trekking is not technically difficult but does require crampons.

    Essential Equipment:

    Windstopper suite, fleece jacket and pants, long-sleeve shirts, hiking pants, warm hut and gloves, caps, trekking boots, crampons, harness with one carabiner. Sun-protection glasses and means of sun-protection for the face, rainprooа cape, pools, head lamp, water bottle, sleeping bag , mat, a big backpack (80 litres).


Established in 1989, LenAlpTours specializes in a field of outdoor recreation and adventure tours in Russia: climbing, trekking, rafting, horseback riding, skitours in the most extraordinary corners of Russia which seem unreachable on glance.
LenAlpTours is an author of the project “3 Summits of Russia” which includes three the highest peaks of Russia: Mt.Elbrus (5642 m) at the Caucasus, Mt.Belucha (4506 m) in Altai, Kljuchevskaya (4780 m) in Kamchatka.

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