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Part of the Baskan Valley, which stretches from the Caucasus Mountains to the glaciers and slopes of Elbrus, the Region of Elbrus is a majestic land. The rich and variegated landscape of the region consists of unique hill formations, high snowy peaks, coniferous and deciduous forests with abundant wildlife, imposing dormant volcanoes, medicinal springs and limpid rivers.
Mt. Elbrus, a two-peaked ice giant, crowns the panorama of Central Caucasus. Its two peaks have two volcano craters, which make the eastern peak a little lower than the western(5642 and 5621m).The eastern peak has an enormous crater 250m in diameter. The massif is covered by a gigantic ice-cap, which gives the mountain its name, translated from the Persian language to English as “Snow Mountain”.

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Elbrus climbNow officially recognised as the highest mountain in Europe, Elbrus is the subject of admiration among local inhabitants as well as an exciting destination for tourists, mountaineers, and downhill skiers. The local name of this peak is Mengi Tau, literally translated as The Mountain of Thousand Mountains. With glaciated giant slopes built of thickened lava flows and the two summits meausuring more then 1000 m., comparatively higher than the rest peaks of the Caucasian Chain, the the mountain is certainly worthy of its name. The Region of Elbrus is interesting for travellers and adventurers in any season. Climbing and trekking programmes are mostly arranged in summer. Cross country and downhill skiing are popular activities during the spring. As for winter, many mountaineers climb Elbrus as preparation expeditions and ascents in the Himalayas and the Pamirs.


With a climate strongly influenced by the massive mountain chain and its proximity to the Black sea, the weather around Elbrus is prone to dramatic changes in a short period of time. It is not uncommon for unforseen rainstroms (snow at higher elevations) to suddenly appear on clear days. Average daytime temperature during the summer is +27C. Nights are very cool and as a whole the climate is rather damp.

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