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Yoga Practices in the Center of World

 Yoga Practices in the Center of World with Reinhard Gammenthaler   Yoga practices have become an inherent part of Altai. Numbers of people come to Altai for practicing yoga.   Altai with its st...

Horse expedition to Ukok

To all tourists who are interested in horseback riding tours!         There is  an opportunity  to visit the brightest natural and cultural sightseeings of Altai!       Horse expedition "Tjun...

Summer in Altai unites the world

   Summer in Altai promises to be international because many expeditions of universal importance will be hold in the Altai Republic.  Trekking tours to Altai attract tourists of different age-group...

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About Altai

 Located in southwestern Siberia, the Altai Mountains are one of the most beautiful areas in all of Russia. This mountainous region, where the great Siberian Rivers start flowing, is called Siberian Switzerland for good reason!

Tyungur bird's-eyeFor centuries the Altai Mountains have been called called "Golden mountains" (the name of the Altai comes from a Mongolian word "altan" - "gold"). Located at an equal distance away from all four oceans in the center of the Eurasian continent, it lies on the crossroads of Mongolian and Turkish worlds, maintaining all the traces of the centuries-old history: overgrown enclosures and burial-mounds, pictures and characters on the weathered rocks, ancient stone statues...

The Wild Altai, consisting of limpid rivers, dense taiga, high-mountain meadows, sparkling glaciers, medicinal plants and grasses along the icy mountain streams, has escaped urbanization and remains relatively unchanged in the diversity of its landscape. Remote and vast, the Altai Mountains are hundreds of miles from any major city. Moreover, politically speaking, Altai is the calmest region of Russia. The combination of all these things make the Altai Mountains an ideal travel destination.

The climate of the Altai Golden Mountains is an ideal mean between the Asian heat and the Siberian cold. In July the skies remain virtually clear, making it the best month in terms of weather. The absence of mosquitoes is a uniquely appealing aspect of the taiga in Altai. The majority of tourists come to the Altai during the summer. However, the Altai is also pleasant during autumn, especially in September when one can see golden larch taiga, dazzling white snow on high black rocks, and clear azure skies!

The Altai is one of the few places offering all different types of active tours for all levels.

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Established in 1989, LenAlpTours specializes in a field of outdoor recreation and adventure tours in Russia: climbing, trekking, rafting, horseback riding, skitours in the most extraordinary corners of Russia which seem unreachable on glance.
LenAlpTours is an author of the project “3 Summits of Russia” which includes three the highest peaks of Russia: Mt.Elbrus (5642 m) at the Caucasus, Mt.Belucha (4506 m) in Altai, Kljuchevskaya (4780 m) in Kamchatka.

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