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Yoga Practices in the Center of World

 Yoga Practices in the Center of World with Reinhard Gammenthaler   Yoga practices have become an inherent part of Altai. Numbers of people come to Altai for practicing yoga.   Altai with its st...

Horse expedition to Ukok

To all tourists who are interested in horseback riding tours!         There is  an opportunity  to visit the brightest natural and cultural sightseeings of Altai!       Horse expedition "Tjun...

Summer in Altai unites the world

   Summer in Altai promises to be international because many expeditions of universal importance will be hold in the Altai Republic.  Trekking tours to Altai attract tourists of different age-group...

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Kamchatka adventure tours

Тours on Kamchatka

Тours on Kamchatka

About Kamchatka

The territory of the Kamchatka is one of the richest in the world on natural and recreational resources.
The Kamchatkan Peninsula is replete with active and dormant volcanoes, snow covered mountain tops contrasted with brilliant green slopes, glaciers, picturesque valleys, geysers, unique flora and fauna. This land's natural wonders make it a paradise for sports fishing, mountain-skiing tourism, mountaineering.
The Kamchatka region has 2 national parks, 17 state animal areas, and 169 unique natural objects.
Twenty-seven percent of the territories within the Kamchatkan area are categorized as category protected.
Incorporated under the general name "Volcanoes of Kamchatka ",
five natural territories on the Kamchatka are designated as UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites.
Kamchatka is extraordinary rich in water resources, with 14,000 rivers and springs, nearly 100,000 lakes, 414 glaciers, comprising an area 871,1км2 here are totaled.volcanoes of Kamchatka
In territory of Kamchatka are 29 working and about 150 extinct volcanoes, 274 mineral sources, 160 from which are hot, it is totaled 37 kinds of wild animals, all kinds of a Pacific salmon.
Woods are rich in berry, a ramson, the glutton, beavers live in wild places and otters, set of a fur animal and game a lynx.
Abruptly breaking rocks in foamed waves of the sea, create an unforgettable landscape. Here, the waters part from the most beautiful bays and gulfs into rivers with crystal-clear water. Thousands of sea birds and eagles sit on ledges of rocks as seals rest on the rocky islands and dolphins play in the coastal waters.
From time to time one can see white whales surfacing.

Kamchatka is a place of unparalleled beauty, isolation, and short, a travellers paradise.


Established in 1989, LenAlpTours specializes in a field of outdoor recreation and adventure tours in Russia: climbing, trekking, rafting, horseback riding, skitours in the most extraordinary corners of Russia which seem unreachable on glance.
LenAlpTours is an author of the project “3 Summits of Russia” which includes three the highest peaks of Russia: Mt.Elbrus (5642 m) at the Caucasus, Mt.Belucha (4506 m) in Altai, Kljuchevskaya (4780 m) in Kamchatka.

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